Holly Leo for Saugatuck


Website to promote a campaign for city council and accept financial contributions




September 2019

Holly Leo was always an active member of her Saugatuck community, a city famed for its arts and culture. As an organizer of the Saugatuck-Douglas Women’s March, Holly had always been in tune with politics, local and national. But as a prop & wardrobe stylist, her day job was done mostly behind the scenes. And as a first-time candidate in a crowded City Council race, she needed to stand out. I built her a website that served as a platform for her to spread her message, gain supporters, and accept financial contributions.

As a grassroots campaign, the website experience needed to match. Forgone were any ideas of a highly designed, over blown web experience. Instead, I built the site to be simple, functional, and highly accessible; allowing her message to take the spotlight. Built with Bootstrap, her website is optimized for viewing on all devices: mobile, desktop, and everything in between.

Voters were receptive to Holly’s campaign, and a large majority of her financial contributions came from visitors to the website. On November 5, 2019, Holly Leo won a seat on the Saugatuck City Council.