Craig Smith

Hey, I'm Craig

I build mobile and web applications, combining my passion for software and design to create excellent digital solutions.

📍 Based in Chicago

Craig Smith


Software Engineer
May 2024 – present
    Software Engineer Intern
    May – Dec 2022
    • Developed the front end for two-factor authentication support in Nutshell CRM using React.js, JavaScript, and Flow, collaborating with back end engineers and a product designer to offer users enhanced security.
    • Reimplemented in-app notifications and other legacy features with React.js to improve Nutshell’s performance.
    • Extended the PHP backend and GraphQL API to introduce new quality-of-life features that enable improved workflows.
    • Developed unit tests to ensure new features work reliably, ensuring code quality and smoother development.
    • Contributed to an agile software team, participating in code reviews, sprints, retrospectives, and backlog refinement. Used GitHub for version control and code review, Jenkins for CI/CD, and Jira for project management.
    iOS Developer
    Mar 2021 – May 2022
    • Modernized MSU’s official native iOS app by reimplementing legacy features with VIPER system architecture and reactive extensions with RxSwift to improve the stability of the app and improve automated test coverage.
    • Improved accessibility of the app by revising UI implementation to follow best practices to ensure compatibility with assistive technologies for an inclusive user experience.
    • Designed UI prototype for a feature allowing users to browse/search new content sources to expand the apps utility.